Levelling by the Sidelines

Levelling by the Sidelines


Being one of the few hunters at the top, the S-Ranked Marksman Hunter "Ace" had it all. A strong sense of combat, wealth, fame, and a bright future ahead of him. Yet, despite it all, he felt nothing at all to his feats. He was just content with his life, not wanting anything else.

Having risen to unimaginable heights through battling many gates over the years, his glory was renowned throughout the world and was said to be one of the few hunters that would pave the path to a brighter future for their generation.

Yet, that was all thrown out of the window.

Almost a decade after The Great Awakening which shook the entirety of Terra, the Hunter "Ace" stood before many people as he announced something that no one could've ever imagined.

"Today, I will be announcing my retirement."

Yes. That day marked the end of one Hunter's journey.

Though, it was not out of his own free will.

[ Hunter "Jace"—class change will now begin. ]

It was all because of a fateful notification he had received.

[ You are now classified as a Synergist. ]


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