I Will Conquer The Apocalypse

I Will Conquer The Apocalypse


After a cosmic wave descended on the planet earth, creatures and humans alike began to morph and mutate into monstrous things unlike anything seen before.

With predators of the extinct class roused from the dead, humanity is faced with struggles and obstacles in their path to take back their world into their own hands.

While some obtained superpowers and others mutated into monsters, the effects of the cosmic wave take a different turn on the protagonist when he gains the Apocalyptic Survival System. Now, who can stand in his way?

But of course, there are secrets and mysteries that surround the era of the apocalypse that he must uncover, and so...was the wave just a supernatural phenomenon after all?


My whole life has taken a new turn and the happiness I thought would last me till death...was taken from me right before my eyes...it was my own foolishness.

I should never have let go, we could have made it together...but I had to keep her safe...and in the end...I made her into the monster she became.

This world has nothing left, it is overrun by savages and beasts but that does not stop me from standing my ground!

To hell with everything else! I will conquer this apocalypse with my own might!

And those who dare to stand in my path will be crushed as I walk over them and reach ahead.

This is my journey.This is my path.This is my reign.


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